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Meet TC James

Written by Deb VinciT.C. James

TC James was invited by a friend to attend a Friday Wine Taster’s Happy Hour in August 2019.  What she experienced that night was great conversation, good food, dancing, and quality adults who give back to the community. TC, a recent widow, felt welcomed and became a member of Wine Tasters immediately. 

TC’s youth was largely spent in southwest Michigan.  With two older brothers, she wanted to play and excel in every sport they did. Her parents, however, were more selective and introduced TC to golf, water skiing, tennis, card games, and dance. TC was also business-minded. Her parents instilled the value of hard work and an appreciation of money management through a reward system for household chores. At the age of nine, TC learned she could finish her chores as well as the chores her brothers neglected and pocket her own allowance plus her brothers’ allowances. Ever creative, TC also added interest payments to her brothers’ tab.

This sharp mindset was an asset for TC in college and in business. She began college at Western Michigan University and met her husband.  They moved to Tulsa Oklahoma where TC completed her B.S and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University.  She enjoyed a very successful career in Human Resource Management and as the only female manager in the Oil Division of Union Carbide in Tulsa, she planned and organized company social and executive functions in addition to her Human Resource duties. She accomplished all of this, as well as work travel to six satellite locations while juggling the responsibility of raising two sons.

Although the marriage of her youth didn’t last, TC later met and married the man of her dreams and they enjoyed 28 wonderful years together, moving to Florida upon his retirement.

TC intends to maintain her high activity level with golf, tennis, beach walking, and her true passion, dancing.  She also plans to put her experience as a volunteer for many charities to use and assist Wine Tasters of Naples as Social Coordinator. 

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